Project Manager & The Route To Leadership

Andrew Weaver
December 2, 2022

Generally it’s true that project managers in tech companies should have a technical background because the project manager is communicating with engineers, designers, programmers, stakeholders, executive leaders, and key decision makers across the organisation, which in a high-tech company (and let’s face it, most companies are tech companies these days).

Can you run a project if you do not understand the technology behind it, services, and its purpose of why they are developing that product, software, apps, or whatever that interconnects with that project?

Getting into a project that you do not have a clear understanding of what is it all about is a recipe for project failure.

But to have a real impact it should be a more rounded role that combines the technical with wider financial aspects, imperatives, ROIs, budget constraints, understanding the impact of that project in the order to become a product and change manager.

It is not just about cajoling the stakeholders and entering some numbers. It is about understanding the concept more holistically and why hitting the budget and delivering the project on time is always a top priority.

The why’s of why’s, and also the what’s must be addressed consequentially and consistently so that you always have successful project(s).

Project managers are amongst the most engaged community on our platform because they have already developed a managerial skill set.

But many understand they have gaps of knowledge that need improvement for them to reach senior tech leaderships roles, and achieve the career and income they want.

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