When Our Customers Endorse Everything We Are Striving to Achieve

Andrew Weaver
April 5, 2024

One of the major challenges for any start-up is how to drive growth with a bootstrapped marketing budget.

  • Paid search is expensive
  • Organic search takes time
  • Partnerships rarely work

So you’re reliant on being creative and patient and hope your customers love your product enough to become part of your front-line sales strategy.

This is why we’re always thrilled with the Social Proof emerging via sites like Trustpilot and direct customer endorsements.

And why we were “over the moon” to receive this endorsement from Tim Schmitt, an Illionis-based CTO who is now very close to our affections.

Tim recently emerged as a graduate of The Digital MBA for Technology Leaders and posted this fantastic endorsement of everything we’re striving to achieve.

And to be honest … it’s written as well as anything that ever emerges from our marketing department so we thought we’d replicate it in full.

“Big shoutout to CTO Academy for their rockstar MBA program for technology leaders 🚀 .

I’m honored to be part of the May 2024 graduating class. It’s been 18 months in the making.

Many thanks to Andrew Weaver, CEO, and the entire CTO Academy Team for all the nudges, check-is, kudos, encouragement, support and incredible content, programming, curriculum and live sessions.

The faculty and coaches are truly world class.

A few of my favorites include: Julian CostleyVyom UpadhyaGus Power (who will always shoot you straight and make you laugh), Sanjay Mistry and Anna Ashford

I considered several programs including MIT and Wharton’s, however found Andrew’s program to provide the best value with 21st century curriculum, flexibility and delivery.

CTO Academy has a community of over 12,000 Senior Tech Leaders across 100 countries 🌎 and with 16,000 lecture reviews 👨‍🏫 averaging 4.7 / 5.0 stars, you get incredible insights 💡 , learnings 🧠 and additional resources 📚 to dive deeper.

The Slack community is a great place to network, collaborate, ask for help, contribute, etc. The next Cohort starts Monday, April 8th. Check them out. https://cto.academy/

Very grateful.

More Details:
-Course Structure
-9 Tech Leadership Modules
-200+ Micro Lectures
-Module Tests That Cement Learning
-Global Community of Tech Leaders
-Wide Range of Additional Learning Material
-Lifetime Access to All Course Material
-Accredited Certificate of Completion
-Expert Q&A Roundtables
-Interactive Workshops
-CTO Shadowing Program
-Peer-to-Peer Debates and Best Practice
-Leadership Skills Assessments
-Free “Future Leaders Course”
-ChatCTO (Leadership Bot)
-Community Driven Knowledge Base”

Thanks, Tim – you don’t know how much this means to us.

Good luck.

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