Tech Leadership in So Many Words…#24 – Vision

Andrew Weaver
April 19, 2024

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”

Warren G. Benis

Visionary leaders possess an innate ability to predict trends, envision revolutionary products, or foresee shifts in consumer behaviour long before they become apparent to others.

They challenge the status quo, daring to think differently and inspire their teams to turn bold ideas into tangible innovations. We can think of some obvious tech visionaries.

Whether you view yourself as or have the potential to be a visionary, what’s clear is that as a senior technology leader, it’s incumbent on you to create a sufficiently compelling image of an achievable future that will help to encourage and inspire those around you.

You do need to have a vision about the direction of travel and be able to communicate that with sufficient clarity to those you will need to help turn it into a reality.

But vision is only part of the equation because, without judgment, it’s likely to be unfulfilled.

Your job, therefore, is not just about knowing new technologies but also about how they’re going to be used and whether they can take your organisation to the next level or whether they pose a threat, perhaps an existential one.

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