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How to become a CTO?

For most C-suite roles there is generally a linear relationship between the skills they develop through their career and the skills required at an executive level.  The CMO has been on various marketing courses, the CFO has been mastering a balance sheet for years and the sales director comes from the school of hard cold […]

Importance of Management Skills to CTO Training

What should a CTO management training course look like? What management skills do you require to become a high value CTO? With most c-suite roles, progression through the ranks involves a natural and ongoing development of skills that equip the ambitious to reach the top. The CTO career path requires a more jagged turn as […]

Some of the realities, About start up salaries

As a rock star developer, what are your career (remuneration) options? An above average salary at investment bank or hedge fund, but with long hours and little control Public body where, you earn less, but the hours and benefits (particularly those juicy pensions) are better and more comforting Large company where you benefit from the […]

8 Steps to be effective in Board Meetings

Board meetings can be an intimidating environment even for those of us familiar with the arena. Who does what? Who are the key players? How can you increase your impact? But they also provide the CTO with a very visible opportunity to circulate updates, ideas and generate feedback from the key managers within your organisation. […]

What a CTO needs to consider, When choosing a technology stack

When I was a developer, I always wanted to use the latest language and framework. I would accept the foibles of the framework, just because it was new and cool. Spend hours setting it up, installing all the different components, writing a simple application and then deploying at the click of a button …. only […]

Jump Off That Cliff, Then Start Assembling The Plane

If you’re new to the start up world or indeed, the wider world of entrepreneurship, then you can do worse than listen to the podcast ‘Master of Scale’. Hosted by Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman, it’s a slickly produced insiders view of what it takes to make it big, from someone who knows and who continues to […]

Everyone is a bit broken … so learn how to manage with compassion

“Everyone is a bit broken” is a line taken from a 2018 Ted talk delivered by Professor Vikas Shah that looked at vulnerability and how everyone around you, is going through their own challenges and probably some of them are very similar to yours. The challenge within teams and in management roles, is not many people […]

CEO and CTO : United By A Different Language

A quote widely attributed to George Bernard Shaw was … “England and America are two countries separated by one language” We’ve given it a CTO Academy twist by adapting it to that crucial relationship between CEO and CTO …. ‘Two executives united by a different language“

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