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CTO vs CPO: Differences, Friction and Transformative Collaboration

Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) and Chief Product Officers (CPOs) are at the heart of most growing companies. Two distinct but closely connected roles that converge technology and innovation. When successful, this synergy becomes a critical success factor harmonising innovation and excellence. In this blog post, we explore both roles and where they intersect. Most importantly, […]

CTO Responsibilities in Start-Ups and Fast-Growth Businesses

CTO responsibilities stem from their pivotal role in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. Chief Technology Officers, as the top executives, hold the reins of the organisation’s technical vision, strategy and execution. What is the primary responsibility of the CTO? The Chief Technology Officer leads the development and execution of the company’s technical strategy. Hence, the […]

Interim CTO: Responsibilities, Onboarding and Power Transfer Process

An Interim CTO is a temporary executive responsible for overseeing and guiding the company’s technology strategy and operations during a transitional period. Companies hire interim CTOs on a short-term basis, either due to a sudden departure of the previous CTO, a planned leadership change or while searching for a full-time CTO. (Don’t mistake an Interim […]

Practical Solutions to Common Challenges of a Remote CTO Position

In this article, we are a) examining the most critical challenges of the Remote CTO role and, more importantly, b) providing practical solutions.

Tech Leadership in so Many Words…#18 Team

There’s a reason why the shelves of your local bookstore are heaving under the weight of so many management books. It’s because managing people is tough and would be a lot easier if it wasn’t for the people. But clearly it’s a prerequisite for anyone with leadership ambitions so the question is this: How to […]

The Path to Becoming an Exceptional IT Director: A Comprehensive Guide for Aspiring Technology Leaders

This extensive guide provides aspiring technology leaders, such as software engineers, with valuable insights into the responsibilities, skills, experience and knowledge necessary to embark on a successful journey towards an IT Director role.

What is a Deputy CTO and How to Become One

Learn what is a Deputy CTO, what the path to becoming one looks like and how to best prepare for a job interview.

Tech Leadership in so Many Words…#17 Perfection

“Perfect is the enemy of good” – Voltaire I am not and never have been a perfectionist, something of a mixed blessing in the past. Some start-up projects went out too soon, were half-baked from the start and met with the underwhelming results they deserved.  Whilst other projects went out too soon, but hit the […]

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