Transforming Your Technology Leadership Team

CTO Academy delivers leadership courses, coaching and community support to technology leaders around the world. 

We have developed a nuanced understanding of the professional development support required for HIPO tech leaders to optimise ther career potential.

We also understand the competiitve advantage available to an organisation with business fluent technology leaders.

Where CTO Academy Adds Value

Digital MBA For Tech Leaders

An accredited executive leadership course that delivers a blended learning experience of micro lectures, live debate sessions and a global community to exchange best practice. A cost effective, practical alternative to the elite and expensive CTO programs.

CTO Foundation Course

An introduction to technology leadership that is aimed at junior managers and future leaders with lecture material that explores the shift of responsibilities and mindset required to move into senior roles. 

Leadership Coaching

With our global network of leadership coaches we're able to provide a bespoke matching service for those members of your organisation who will benefit from 1:1 coaching.  

Global Community

We provide a dynamic community environment for debate and discussion around technology leadership issues - benefiting both the individual and corporate with insight and market best practice.

Engagement Analytics

Engagement is an issue with e-learning so we encourage, monitor and report back as required to help maximise the learning experience.

Workshop & Audit

Online or offline workshops with key members of your technology team to deliver skills assessments, leadership training and private coaching.

Their 1-1 coaching program helped us think through tough technical decisions and strategy for future growth and scale. They also walked us through the evolution of each process and how to make decisions in a way that made us see as a team how everything fits together.

Otieno Julie
CTO, M-Shule, Kenya

CTO Academy helped our team to develop a more efficient process, identify management skills gaps and build out a strategic plan for next phase growth.

Andre Louca
CTO, Warwick Analytics

Aligning Your Technology Leaders, With Your Business Goals

We understand the attributes and mindset required to become a successful tech leader. We also understand the impact that business-fluent tech leaders can have within an organisation. 

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