Build The Tech Leadership Capabilities Of Your Organisation

How effective are your tech leadership and future tech leader training programmes?

Are you using general leadership training companies when technology leadership needs a more nuanced approached to be truly effective?

CTO Academy are specialists in creating professional growth programmes for the technology leaders of today and tomorrow.


Bespoke Tech Leadership Training

We don’t just do leadership training, we provide the nuanced tech leadership training that understands the individuals mindset and aligns them with the company objectives.


Typical Organisational Learning Process


Initial Call

Discovery call with CTO Academy to explore how and where we can help your team become more effective


Scoping Meeting

Deeper dive into the strategic imperatives and key challenges faced by your team and business


Workshop / Audit

Online/Offline workshop with key team members to assess skills gaps, efficiencies, skills assessments and provide coaching 1:1s. 


Launch Programme

Agreed timeline to provide organisational learning programs, personalised courses, private/team coaching and more


Engagement Analytics

Engagement is an issue with e-learning so we ‘nudge’ individuals to complete courses and we provide analysis on outcomes


Team Building & Recruitment

Our careers arm helps identify and nurture star performers and key new hires, helping them accelerate their growth and impact

CTO Academy

Leadership Skills Training

Their 1-1 coaching program helped us think through tough technical decisions and strategy for future growth and scale. They also walked us through the evolution of each process and how to make decisions in a way that made us see as a team how everything fits together

 CTO Academy helped our team to develop a more efficient process, identify management skills gaps and build out a strategic plan for next phase growth 

Otieno Julie

CTO, M-Shule, Kenya

Andre Louca

CTO, Warwick Analytics