The Established CTO

Andrew Weaver
February 11, 2021

You might think the established CTO wouldn’t need any support but the truth is that operating at a very senior level making key and business critical decisions on a regular basis can be extremely challenging and isolating.

What makes that responsibility even more challenging is they’re often operating with non-technical c-suite colleagues which can lead to a sense of isolation.

In addition to which the world of technology moves at such a fast pace that what you knew five years ago could be near obsolete today so no matter how established and experienced, possibly because you’re so established and experienced, the need for a growth mindset and continuous learning philosophy is what shapes the most effective tech leaders.

Here at CTO Academy we work with experienced CTOs from around the world to help them remain become highly effective within their organisations.

We know that it can get lonely at the top, so we’re here for ongoing learning and management support. Find out more by visiting our website.

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