Think Twice, Before Re-Inventing The Tech Wheel


Here is a scenario familiar to many us, from engineer to CTO.

A shiny new and exciting concept has emerged. Might be a new idea for your startup, an internal application for your company or a new customer offer.

What’s the first thought that whizzes across your mind … well, it used to whizz across mine!   How about …… “Let’s build this baby from scratch. Then I can be in full control”.

Hold on a moment, are you sure?

This is the article I wish I’d read once or twice in the past.

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Good Diet, Great Leadership

good diet, great leadership

Friday afternoon and we conducted a less than rigorous survey amongst the CTO Academy tribe in an effort to decipher the mysterious relationship between healthy eating habits and great leadership, loosely titled, “Wot’s your work diet?’ Before you quasi-academics dig deep into our findings, some advance caveats; It was a very small sample size that … Read more

Diversity = Profitability = Sorting Your Recruitment Strategy

Workplace Diversity through Recruitment

Despite some progress, lack of diversity in tech recruitment remains an issue.

Here in the UK, the number of women working in technology is significantly lower than most other work sectors, with just 17% of those working in technology being female.

Story in the US appears to be better but the overall tech industry remains overwhelmingly white and male. The bro culture still writ large across most tech companies, large and small.

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8 Steps to be effective in Board Meetings

7 Secrets for Successfully how to Board Meetings of a CTOs role

Board meetings can be an intimidating environment even for those of us familiar with the arena.

Who does what?
Who are the key players?
How can you increase your impact?

But they also provide the CTO with a very visible opportunity to circulate updates, ideas and generate feedback from the key managers within your organisation.

But it’s also important to understand what they’re not such as discussing day-to-day operational matters.

And as with most important meetings, a successful board meeting is almost always down to the preparation beforehand and if necessary, or dropping big issues into the conversation, without first laying the groundwork.

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