Professional Growth : Why It Pays To Be Intentional

What is Professional Growth? The definition of professional growth will be different things for different people but it certainly means more than certificates on the wall. Performance Expert Bill Eckstrom “it’s the development or better use of talents and skills that lead to improved outcomes. This development can take place in many different places – … Read more

The various types of funding for startups

funding for startups

Working in an early stage, fast moving start up is often a roller coaster experience. More importantly if you are at the forefront  and the issue of funding for startups takes .

Rarely dull, sometimes chaotic, often fun but always a steep learning curve.

You will have responsibilities thrown at you way ahead of expectations and norms, throwing you into a deep end you might think impossible to get out of but somehow, you find a way. The fabled ‘fake it till you make it’ mingled with an accelerating understanding of market, customer and product. It can be an intoxicating cocktail. 

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What is a VP of Engineering?

VPs of Engineering are responsible for ensuring that design requirements are met, overseeing the consistency of user experiences, and managing a team of engineers and developers.

Non Traditional Route to CTO

As most companies are now technical companies roles like the CMO can sometimes have a bigger tech budget than the CTO and it’s more possible than before to achieve senior tech roles via non traditional routes, though it’s highly unusual.

Managing the career transition from techie to team lead

career transition

The CTO Academy community is not only growing and facilitating the career transition of thousands of tech leaders within the UK, it’s also gone global with customers and contributors from every corner of the world – Guatemala to Sydney, Bangalore to Sao Paulo.

But despite a myriad of different countries, companies, roles and responsibilities there are consistent challenges when it comes to leadership and management.

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The CTO CIO Difference: An in-depth look

cto cio difference

Since launching CTO Academy, we’ve received the occasional enquiry from a CIO saying, “hey, what about us …. we want equal rights”or, words to that effect.

So we thought it a useful moment,  particularly as we have a growing number of CIO subscribers, to look into some of the differences between the CTO and CIO roles.

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