Coaching Programs

For Technology Leaders Of Today, And Tomorrow


We work with technologists around the world and many of the management and career challenges you face are consistent.

From the isolation felt by an established CTO to communication issues with your CEO or negotiating career roadblocks, someone in our global coaching network has experienced similar and can provide you with direct guidance and support.



 Coaching Programs With Target Outcomes

 CTO Academy had a huge impact on my career. courses are well timed and the coaching helped us work through some tough technical decisions and come up with a hiring strategy to manage growth and scale

Otieno Julie

CTO, Nairobi

Benefits of Tailored Coaching

With a global network of coaches and mentors, we ensure you get the right fit for your personal situation.

Each coaching engagement is driven by target outcomes and we measure the direct impact it’s making for you.


  • Free introductory consultation to understand your requirements, expectations and timeline
  • We match you with an experienced coach based on expertise, fit and cost
  • Subject to your agreement we agree terms, timeline and target outcomes
  • Typical programs run between 3-6 months, meetings conducted online
  • Additional options for weekly calls, email support and offline visits
  • Detailed exit review and if required, follow up programs and course access

Example of Typical Coaching Programs

Found CTO Academy when searching for CTO Training material. The sessions with my coach really helped me develop my personal brand and give me clarity about the direction that I wanted to follow. Really recommend CTO Academy  

Anjali Subburaj

Enterprise Architect