“Coaching isn’t therapy – it’s product development with you as the product”

Tech leadership doesn’t come easy and your immediate network might not be able to provide the nuanced support you need.

CTO Academy help tech leaders around the world to negotiate a range of challenges – operational to leadership to career.

We understand the challenges you face and match you with a coach who has the experience and insight to help.


Benefits of Tailored Coaching

First we understand your requirement then place you with the CTO coach from our global network who we believe is best suited to help provide you with the guidance needed.

Typical Process

  • Call with CTO Academy followed by intro to suggested coach
  • Programs typically run 3-6 months with agreed target outcomes
  • Generally 1 hour sessions, fixed as regularly as you need them
  • Option for additional access including email
  • An exit review to ensure there is clarity on future actions
  • Lifetime membership for CTO Academy management courses

real insight and honest feedback on how to improve your company, process and become a better tech leader.  they saved me 8-9 months of learning time, the compound benefits being significant 

Dhaval Bhatt

CTO, San Francisco

Where Would You Like Support?

 CTO Academy coaching program is a no brainer for me. Their advice helped me get to the root of my challenges and the money spent on coaching was easily offset by the opportunity cost of not going to CTO Academy. I cannot recommend them highly enough”  

Samer Bechara

CTO, Lebanon

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