What 10000 techies taught 1 non-techie

CTO Academy bring you the tech podcast with a difference and a quiz!

In this episode

We conclude Season 1 with a little self-indulgence and a stonkingly successful tech leaders quiz ….

Hosts Andrew Weaver and Sanjay Mistry walk us through their own fireside chat as Andrew unwraps part of the CTO Academy journey and what it feels like to be a non-techie in a sea of techies. We start with the aforementioned quiz action before taking a look at the tech scene in sunny Madrid.

All in all a fine way to wrap up Season 1 as we prepare to take a summer break and return with a bigger, bolder and braver Season 2.

Note of thanks for our fine guests; Stephen Morris, Fractional CTO, UK Andrew Smith, CTO, Prismea, CTO

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