CTO Academy Tribes

Places Still Available April 2021

Dynamic Group Coaching and Peer2Peer Support

Group coaching is a powerful and effective technique for building your leadership capabilities, improving your personal strengths and wellbeing, helping you negotiate managerial challenges. 

CTO Academy Tribes is a 12 month development programme with a small time commitment where you learn and grow from the shared knowledge of like minded tech leaders, under the guidance of an experienced leadership coach.

What The Programme Delivers


Carefully selected community of peers to support, advise and inspire you


Chatham House Rules to access lateral thinking from neutral 3rd parties


12 x monthly coaching sessions covering topics relevant to your tribe


Measurable growth with optional and private leadership skills assessments


Moderated by experienced leadership coach and joined by expert guests


Learn and grow with a well matched cohort of other tech leaders

How The Programme Works






Find Your Tribe

Introductory Coaching Call & Leadership Assessment

1 x 90 Minute Group Coaching Session Per Month

Group Slack Channel and Measurable Outcomes

Free Membership to CTO Academy Course Material

“Group coaching is a powerful and effective coaching technique for people to improve their health, wellbeing, personal strengths, self-efficacy, leadership qualities, team building and beyond”

McDowall & Butterworth, 2014, Birkbeck University

Programme and Pricing

  • Exclusive invitation to join hand picked tribe of peers
  • 1 x 90 min group coaching sessions per month (12 months)
  • Leadership skills assessments
  • Programme KPIs that measure efficiency and impact
  • Slack channel with your tribe
  • Lifetime CTO Academy membership at conclusion

“We work with global tech leaders who are keen to grow but often time poor. CTO Academy tribes enables you to learn and grow alongside a motivated micro community of well matched peers. It’s a deep 12 month resource for a limited time commitment so come find your tribe”

Jason Noble, CTO Academy Co-Founder, Tribe Leader

Find Your Tribe

Cohorts are carefully constructed to ensure right fit for participants

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