CTO Academy Tribes

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Group Coaching & Peer2Peer Support

Group coaching is an effective technique for building your leadership capabilities and personal strengths.

CTO Academy Tribes is a group coaching programme where you learn and grow alongside like minded peers, under the guidance of an experienced leadership coach.

We have tribes for different levels of leadership experience and we know you are time poor so it requires a commitment of just 90 minutes each month.

Benefits of joining CTO Academy Tribes


Carefully selected community of peers to support, advise and inspire you


Chatham House Rules enables access to lateral thinking from neutral 3rd parties


12 x monthly coaching sessions covering topics relevant to your tribe


Measurable growth with private leadership skills assessments and feedback sessions


Moderated by experienced leadership coach and joined by expert guests


Build your network as well as your knowledge within the global CTO Academy community

How The Programme Works






We Help You Find Your Tribe

Introductory Private Coaching Call & Assessment

1 x 90 Minute Group Session Each Month

Group Slack Channel and Circulation of Ideas

Access to CTO Academy Leadership Courses

“Group coaching is a powerful and effective coaching technique for people to improve their health, wellbeing, personal strengths, self-efficacy, leadership qualities, team building and beyond”

McDowall & Butterworth, 2014, Birkbeck University


  • Exclusive invitation to hand picked tribe of peers
  • 90 min group coaching session per month (x 12)
  • Leadership skills assessments
  • Private feedback and measurable outcomes
  • Tribe socialisation including private slack channel
  • Lifetime CTO Academy course membership

“We work with global tech leaders who are keen to grow but time poor. CTO Academy tribes enables you to learn and grow alongside a motivated micro community of well matched peers, but with a limited time commitment. We have tribes emerging around the world so, come find yours” 

Jason Noble, CTO Academy Co-Founder, Tribe Leader

Find Your Tribe

To ensure the right fit with each tribe, we hand pick all participants to match the individual’s expectation with the group dynamic

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