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Really understand your personal motivations and ambitionsChallenge your thinking and propose options you might not considerProvide pragmatic, honest and objective advice throughoutDeliver high level insight from years of experience recruiting for corporates, SMEs, StartupsBecome a trusted thought partner when fresh perspective is neededAvailable as required: Video, Messaging, In person (where possible)

About Richard Weaver

I’ve been a talent acquisition specialist for 25+ years, specialising in high level IT recruitment experience.

My approach involves understanding an individuals motivations from both a personal and professional perspective and applying my extensive industry experience to help you find the right role but sometimes, challenge your thinking and provide alternative options.

Once we agree on a course of action, I work tirelessly with every client to achieve their desired outcome.

Tech Leaders Explain Why Richard Makes A Difference

I’ve worked with Richard for over twenty-five years. Whenever I have had to solve a particularly challenging recruitment problem, I’ve invariably turned to Richard. This has been regardless of whether the requirement has been to hire highly specialised, individual talent or to bring on board and build entire teams, as in the case of Sky and AOL. In my experience, he is one of the very few talent sourcing professionals with a proven track record of effectively balancing the needs of the candidate and the business client.

Richard invests the time to properly understand the overall client strategy. In addition, he has built his reputation with candidates by ensuring that their personal and professional priorities, as well as their motivations and aspirations are a key consideration when pairing talent with business clients. His approach is pragmatic, hands-on and has shown time and again that he properly values the needs and welfare of the candidate.
Colin McQuade
CTO, Compare The Market & NED, AAA Capital
Richard is, first and foremost, a people person. He is a skilled listener – an unusual skill in this day and age. He draws on his wide range of experience working with people across industry to provide useful and often unexpected insight and perspective. I think Richard is great at helping people get clarity about what they’re looking for in work and life, and figuring out tangible steps to achieve those goals. He understands the dynamics of the workplace and believes strongly that mutually beneficial outcomes can be achieved. Richard is a “quiet rebel” and will consider unconventional and alternative paths often ignored by de facto wisdom. He provides a great alternative and counterpoint to today’s tech and process heavy mechanistic thinking.
Gus Power
Problem Engineer, Various
Can’t recommend these sessions with Richard enough. The results of these sessions (CV and LinkedIn Profile) highlighted my career successes and achievements no less confidently or more modestly than my original CV. But he helped me communicate in a more quietly confident, matter of fact manner that avoided the previous “screaming from the mountaintop” version of my CV. I appreciated the fact that he did this by probing and interviewing, not dictating what to write nor making me feel stupid for my previous attempts. The result was a profile that was both accurate and backed up by fact it was written with my voice.
Reda Hmeid
Technology Leader, UK
Richard is a very good listener, and coupled with his business acumen and expertise recruiting, makes for a very good thought partner for senior tech executives. I always welcome the opportunity to brainstorm strategy with him and have been consistently impressed with the empathy, levity and EQ he brings to each conversation. He recently helped me make a great decision, just by listening, challenging and proposing, which is exactly what I needed. I’d recommend Richard wholeheartedly to other executives, as they think about the next steps in their career.
Vijay Venkatesh
ex CTO, Pearson

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