Role of a Chief Technology Officer in Different Business Sizes

The role of a chief technology officer in different business sizes

Generally speaking, the role of a chief technology officer involves strategic management and execution of technology initiatives within an organization. It is, therefore, pivotal in shaping and implementing the technology roadmap while aligning it with the company’s overall goals and vision. What enables tech leaders to drive innovation, oversee development and infrastructure, ensure data security … Read more

11 Things a CTO Should Never Say to a CEO

11 things a CTO should never say to a CEO

The CEO:CTO relationship is often pivotal to an organisation but is not without its challenges and that’s often down to the very different personalities who can typically fill each role. So we had some fun this week when asking our community of global tech leaders for suggestions about what you should avoid saying to the … Read more

What is a Fractional CTO and How Do You Become One?

A Fractional CTO is a chief technology officer who provides on-demand services to a company or organization. In other words, it is a freelance contract that implies working for a fraction of the time and cost and just on the part of the project as opposed to full- or part-time CTO positions.

Early Stage CTOs … Can Be Bad For Your Wealth

Accidental CTOs Can Be Bad For Your Wealth

What happens when founders and early hires who helped launch the business and gain that initial traction, close a significant funding round and have a fast growth scale up on their hands?

At best it’s a steep learning curve across all sections of the business and at worst, it’s a constant fire fight as a result of operational chaos and the potential for rapid value disintegration.

The CTO (or most senior technical member of the team who has now become the CTO) is one of those under the most pressure and without the right support for and around them, is also the one most at risk of being overwhelmed.

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