Early Stage CTOs … Can Be Bad For Your Wealth

Accidental CTOs Can Be Bad For Your Wealth

What happens when founders and early hires who helped launch the business and gain that initial traction, close a significant funding round and have a fast growth scale up on their hands?

At best it’s a steep learning curve across all sections of the business and at worst, it’s a constant fire fight as a result of operational chaos and the potential for rapid value disintegration.

The CTO (or most senior technical member of the team who has now become the CTO) is one of those under the most pressure and without the right support for and around them, is also the one most at risk of being overwhelmed.

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Diary of an Accidental CTO: Identify Your Daily Radar

“Identify your daily radar” Another diary instalment from our great friend Mostafa Khattab, based in Dubai and experiencing at first hand the challenges faced by someone dropped into a CTO role ahead of their planned schedule aka The Accidental CTO. For those interested in starting from the beginning, you can find at the footer of … Read more

Diary of an Accidental CTO: Leadership Mistakes

Mostafa Khattab is CTO at Wakecap Technologies in Dubai. He is sharing with us some of his journey of what we describe as “An Accidental CTO” … aka someone who arrived in the CTO role ahead of schedule and has been grappling with various new challenges and a very steep learning curve. You can catch up with … Read more

9 Reasons Why Great Engineers, Can Become Terrible CTOs

When founders and CEOs are building a fast growth business the search for talent is endless and critical.
As most companies are tech companies these days it stands to reason that the search for tech talent and those with leadership skills is particularly challenging.
One of the main challenges for the technologists career path is that they’re having to learn a completely different skill set when they move into a leadership role, they’re having to shift from technical skills to more general business skills.

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