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Leadership Courses

Commercial Topics

What commercial elements drive a business and where do they crossover with the technical? We explore sales & marketing, partnerships, strategy, legals and exit planning from your the perspective.


6 Modules |  21 Lectures

Leadership & Management

Effective tech leaders transition from the technical to the managerial. You have to become a multi skilled leader so we look at issues like communication, mindset, team building and dynamics.


3 Modules |  10 Lectures

Finance & Funding

These lectures start to break down the fundamentals. From understanding the difference between CAPEX and OPEX to dealing with investors, we walk through finance issues you need to know about.


3 Modules |  7 Lectures

HR for IT Leaders

The challenge to find and keep talented people is significant and how you hire, incentivise, retain and occasionally fire members of your team, needs an understanding of process, as well as people.

2 Modules |  5 Lectures

Mindset & Wellness

What is your understanding of mindset and do you have the systems and soft skills in place to help people (including you) manage pressure, stress and burnout?

3 Modules |  9 Lectures


Opens with Introduction to Testing, types, process and key issues. We dive into important systems and processes with future lectures to cover issues from project management to security, agile and lean.

2 Modules |  9 Lectures

Personal Development

How to create the best version of you and build the personal skills and branding needed to succeed. We look at issues of psychology, fear of failure and what motivates you and others to achieve peak performance.

5 Modules |  14 Lectures

Tech Management

Within these lectures we delve into issues as varied as source control to the art of timing and how to deal with hazards. We provide you with a detailed understanding of what should and shouldn’t be crossing your radar.

2 Modules |  15 Lectures

Startups & Fast Growth

Technology management challenges for early stage and fast growth companies are very specific. This course drills into situations specific to early stage companies, from a tech leaders perspective.

2 Modules |  5 Lectures

What Our Members Say

Compact courses, lots of useful information and tests that made me pay attention to every word

Ratko Petrovic

Software Programme Manager & Team Lead, Munich, Germany

Training modules are high value resources, providing broad-based business skills essential for success in the modern workplace

Eli Oshorov

Tech Content Manager, Sydney, Australia

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We want our course material and 1:1 coaching to help you achieve measurable gains. One of the ways we test progress is by providing you with regular skills assessments.

Join our members only Q&A webinars where we cover a range of management and leadership topics and where you can submit questions and receive peer feedback.

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We regularly interview tech leaders from around the world who talk candidly about their careers, what makes an effective tech leader and more recently, the challenges and opportunities around Lockdown. Membership of CTO Academy provides you with access to all of these full length interviews.

We can help with a range of management and personal development challenges, including any issues you’re having with career progression (or lack of). Our highly experienced career development team will be happy to work with you on a career development plan.

Right from the start of your membership with CTO Academy, we work with you to identify how to get best value from our course material and coaching programmes. An initial complementary coaching session helps start that process and we will continue to work with you in achieving key targets and outcomes.

With each individual course we provide you with a test that helps to reinforce the learning and, upon successful completion, CTO Academy certification that confirms your achievement and can be used within your CV and on Linkedin.

We’re constantly adding new lectures, podcasts and interviews to our course material. It’s often based on topics suggested by our existing subscribers or sometimes based around an ongoing theme. During 2021 we will be drawing in a wider range of expert lecturers and building out the depth and breadth of each individual course.

As a CTO Academy member you receive a 30% discount against the cost of a discovery coaching session with one of our senior coaches. The topic of discussion is entirely down to you and can relate to any specific career or management challenge but many members also find it a powerful session to build a personal learning plan for the months ahead. Every discovery coaching session results in the takeaway of key action points, which your coach will follow up and hold you accountable if necessary.

The CTO Academy course material is primarily aimed at those wishing to achieve senior tech roles. We cover a range of the management and softer skills required such as leadership, tech management, personal development, finance, funding, HR, operations, mindset and wider commercial topics. We also take a look at the unique challenges faced by tech leaders working in early stage and fast growth companies. It’s focused more towards the mid level / senior developer or engineer, though we have many experienced CTO subscribers.