February 15, 2021

Newsletter #77 : Biden & Remote

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Happy Friday It’s day two of lockdown for our friends in England and we hope you’re all holding up well.Don’t know about you but the US election has felt quite like a stressful event – and as we write, it is still not concluded – so we’re here to sprinkle some positivity across your end of the week plans, with our 5 Minute Tech Break.We’re expanding with 3 new appointments within our careers team (Steve Sangha, Raluca Ciobancan and Tom Greenaway) who will be joining Richard to help you with any CV, Interview or Career advice. Also, if you’re in need of a senior tech leader then we can help – we’re currently working with companies around the world to help them find the right talent. Introductions to follow soon.We would also like to welcome Adobera Ejikeme to our content and community arm. She has already refreshed our newsletter and will become a familiar face to all those who consume our content. 

This week, we look at what a Biden win could mean for tech, Leadership In Lockdown and managing remote teams and 5 days to go till our live webinar on Next Generation Enterprise and The Future Of Work.Have a super safe and happy weekend.
Andrew Weaver
NEWS  Tech With A Biden Government As we write this newsletter, it looks a close run win for Joe Biden (though anything could happen with this election). In the meantime, what might a Biden win mean for tech?We don’t want to add to the Trump conspiracy theories but a CNN review of campaign reports in September showed that workers at Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple donated three times more to Biden’s campaign in July than to Trump’s.The question is whether that’s as much to help keep the Biden administration sweet as the issue of antitrust legislation is likely to become a hot topic so prepare yourself for an army of big tech lawyers, and back office lobbyists to be in the news. Better lawyers involved in antitrust than trying to change the result of an election!Immigration
Trump’s restrictions on visa programs was condemned by Silicon Valley as tech companies rely on it to bring in skilled foreign workers. Joe Biden has pledged to take a more open stance on immigration.
With CEOs of Silicon Valley’s largest companies including Google and Microsoft being immigrants, it’s an issue that goes right to the top of the tech giants.
We have seen Trump take an aggressive approach to many issues related to China and technology, including the implementation of tariffs on US products made in China. With Trump stating that he wants tech companies to bring manufacturing and production to the US. Forcing companies to reconsider manufacturing in China and threatening increased prices for consumers.Many analysts on Wall Street expect that a Biden win would take a slightly softer approach on China tech. Which could help to reduce the risk of American tech companies losing customers in the Chinese market. This Fast Company article goes into more detail about “What Big Tech has to gain – and lose – from a Biden Presidency”.
LEADERSHIP  Adopting Strong Remote Leadership Skills In LockdownWith anxiety rising and the uncertainty of job security in the air, there has never been a more important time to adopt strong leadership skills.
We have come up with four tips that can help you in this area:Identify Different Personality Types
To lead in lockdown, you first need to understand the different personality types you are working with and who will need the most support.
Be Sensitive To The Fear Of Change
The fear of change can be one of the most daunting things to process for an employee. Encourage an open and transparent outlet for your team to share any fears which they might have. While also reinforcing the benefits of remote working.
Promote Communication
The change of environment and fears of the unknown can lead to an increased level of stress, anxiety and depression. Consider increasing the video communication and encouraging more social interaction. But understand too, that different people will have different communication preferences and be willing to compromise.
Be human, Be Available
The most powerful think you can do as a leader in crisis is to be human. There has never been a greater time than now to be more transparent with your team.
Encourage an “open virtual door policy”. Consider making your calendar open to your team to book time to ask you questions and to also keep you in the loop on how they are doing.
As Sara Sutton, CEO of Flexjobs shared, “In the office, you can be a bit lazy and take for granted that you’ll visibly be able to see if somebody is having a hard day. But as a remote CEO, I really have to pay attention to more subtle cues, like someone’s tone of voice or whether they’ve missed meetings.
EVENT  The Future of Work For Technology Leaders

With five days to go till the first edition of our live webinar Next Generation Enterprise, we’re interested to know what questions you would like to ask our host Rameshwar Balanagu and guest Shail Khiyara. Executive in Residence at AV8 Ventures and research fellow at HFS Research in Silicon Valley. He is also a board member at IQPC, an Artificial intelligence & Intelligent Automation Network with more than one million members & runs a prominent automation customer only group Vocal (Voice of the Customer in the Automation Landscape). He has 20 years of C-suite experience in CMO roles & Chief Customer Office and fantastic insight about the often merging worlds of the CMO and CTO.Wondering what the future of work will be for the tech world? Sign-up below. 
BOOK OF THE WEEK  Managing Oneself
We talk a lot at CTO Academy about one of the keys to effective leadership being self awareness, understanding yourself and your own motivations.This little book (just 50 pages) is a gem for helping you drill into some of these topics.“Managing Oneself” forces you to reflect on the following questions:
– What are my strengths?
– What are my values?
– How do I perform?
– Where do I belong?
– What should I contribute?The goal: become CEO of Me, Inc.
COMMUNITY  We Are Changing Things Around Here

 At CTO Academy, we want to encourage an open door policy amongst our members and get to know what everyone is up to.That is why, we would like to dedicate regular slots in our newsletter for you to share what you are working on or any blog posts or articles relating to you or your company. We know it’s popular because our “Diary of an Accidental CTO” blog from Mostafa Khattab has been one of the most read posts from our recent newsletters.Therefore, if you are hosting a talk, just launched a product, been awarded or recognised for your great work and want to shout about it/get the community backing, drop Adobera a message and let her know what you would like to share [email protected]

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