February 15, 2021

Newsletter #83 : Resilience in Teams, Positive Psy

It’s our penultimate newsletter of this crazy year but I’m pleased to report it’s a good one …We’ve got articles from two of the newest members of our team.Owen Evans based in New Zealand, who has joined our coaching team, writes about Resilience in Teams.Whilst Zoe Fragou in Athens, part of the coaching and product development teams, brings her organisational psychology background into an article that looks at Positive Psychology vs. Toxic Positivity.We’ve pulled together a list of favourite books we recommended during the year alongside external articles that caught our eye this week and news about our next webinar in January.Thank you all for your feedback and contributions this year.
CTO Academy has ambitious plans for 2021 so watch this space!Adobera Ejikeme
[email protected]
  TEAMS    “What 2020 taught us about resilience in teams” by Owen Evans“It was December 2019 here in New Zealand and I remember sitting on the lawn with my family in the sun planning out the year ahead.Not sure we got anything right and we certainly had no idea the rollercoaster that was just around the corner but one thing it has done is teach us more than ever about new ways of working and building resilience within teams” ….  Read full article here
  PSYCHOLOGY    “Positive Psychology vs. Toxic Positivity” by Zoe FragouAnd there has rarely been a year when issues of mental health, psychology and what it means to be “happy” have been under such an intense microscope.Zoe looked into how we define happiness with these leading questions …– What is happiness?– Is it fulfilling your dreams and goals?– Is it being free to decide for yourself?– Is it the constant emotion of cheerfulness and perkiness?Find out more in her article here
  NEWS & VIEWS    Other articles catching our eye this weekPeriscope will shut down by March … Periscope announced it will end operation as a standalone app by March 2021. The Twitter owned company referred to its current operations as “unsustainable” and cited a decline in usage in recent years as a driving factor.Article by Slack VP of Engineering on Psychological Safety … “It’s just, there’s a sort of a breathing of communication inside of an organism. And when you’re, like the breathing gets weird, you’re like what’s going on here? And that’s, to me, is and it may not be trust and safety in my team, but if there’s something going on there that’s preventing that sort of like healthy flow of knowledge and communication going on.”Alphabet’s internet Loon balloon kept on station in the sky using AI that beat human-developed control code … Loon, known for its giant billowing broadband-beaming balloons, says it has figured out how to use machine-learning algorithms to keep its lofty vehicles hovering in place autonomously in the stratosphere.AWS introduces new Chaos Engineering as a Service offering … When large companies like Netflix want to test the resilience of their systems, they use chaos engineering tools designed to help them simulate worst-case scenarios and find potential issues before they even happen. This week at AWS re:Invent, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels introduced the company’s Chaos Engineering as a Service offering called AWS Fault Injection Simulator.
  BOOKS OF THE YEAR  Some of the books we liked …Book of the week is often our most popular newsletter section so we did a brainstorm to pick out some favourite recommendations from the last 12 months;In no particular order …Always Day One: How the Tech Titans Plan To Stay On Top ForeverNo Rules Rules: Netflix & The Culture Of ReinventionDesigned for Digital: How To Architecture Your Business For Sustained SuccessA Mind At Play: How Claude Shannon Invented The Information AgeTrillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Playbook Of Silicon Valley’s Bill CampbellIndistractable: How To Control Your Attention & Choose Your Life… more than enough to fill up Santa’s stocking.
  NEXT EVENT  Jan 13th: Next Generation Enterprise #3
Rameshwar will be joined on Wednesday 13th January 2021 by Samir Sharma.Samir is a data strategy guru, analytics leader and founder of Datazuum who deliver projects across both private and public sectors and has previously worked with Accenture, Christie’s and consulted into national governments.Samir is a fascinating guest coming to discuss a really interesting topic so please do come and join us for another lively Q&A webinar at 0900 CT / 1500 GMT.To register, click HERE to sign-up!You can also catch up with previous editions of Next Generation Enterprise here.

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