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Andrew Weaver
October 6, 2023

This week we launched our new Membership Package which like any and every launch, came packaged with a mixture of expectation and anxiety …

Was it going to work?
Did flow make sense?
Will it add value to the customer experience?

Well … so far, so good as we’ve already seen 100+ global tech leaders sign up and start to enjoy some of the leadership resources and weekly live sessions available via the Membership platform.

But how did we arrive here?
What led us to the launch?

This feels like a good time to give you some of the backstory.

CTO Academy was born out of an idea and a conversation.
The idea came from Jason Noble.
The conversation was with me, on the banks of the River Thames in 2018.

When building my career towards CTO I wish there had been an ecosystem to help me avoid the obvious mistakes and lean into a support network of peers when I most needed help” was essentially the opening gambit from Jason when pitching CTO Academy.

I was intrigued rather than sold on the concept.

Being the archetypal non-techie, I wasn’t close to the career machinations and challenges faced by those climbing into senior technology roles but I had seen first-hand the struggle for some to achieve the impact they deserved.

We thought there was an idea worth pursuing and whilst unsure about the size or direction of the market opportunity, we made a tentative start by initially launching a short leadership course, pushed by a low budget adwords campaign.

To our delight and surprise …. the course started to immediately sell and importantly, it started to sell around the world.

Of our first 5 customers, only the first was from the UK (thank you Arron Mortimer) so this was clearly a generic and a global issue that we were looking to address.

From there the growth was organic with our original lecture material evolving into a Leadership Foundation Course (now updated into a Future Leaders Course) followed by the launch of 1:1 coaching, group coaching and the product we launched in 2022 which has really caught fire, our executive leadership course The Digital MBA for Technology Leaders.

But we also realised that (a) not everyone is interested in and/or ready to take on our exec leadership course and (b) what happens to those who graduate but want to retain access to the community, Peer-to-Peer sessions and the wider learning experience?

Welcome to CTO Academy Membership.

Built to run alongside and beyond The Digital MBA, it’s an extension of our mission to provide global technology leaders with the leadership insight, ammunition and network to achieve the career impact they want and deserve.

And v1 of the platform is just the beginning.

We have ambitious plans for how the membership offer will evolve and how we can support our global community through the next stages of their professional development and career growth.

What’s more, the CTO Academy journey has been focused on staying close to our customers and adapting our offer to make sure it’s delivering the best and most cost-effective impact.

It’s this direct customer feedback and occasional pushback that’s been at the core of our success and will continue to build both the course and the membership platform.

If you’re not already a CTO Academy member – what’s stopping you?

Get in touch with answers and questions

Andrew Weaver
CEO and Co-Founder at CTO Academy

[email protected]

More information below;

The Digital MBA for Technology Leaders

CTO Academy Membership Package

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