Hey there,Welcome back to the 5-minute tech break. Hope you’re having a great Friday so far! “With great power comes great responsibility”, said Stan Lee, a famous comic book author.  Do you think the world leaders of today act responsibly? Is honesty not one the greatest responsibilities of mankind?This week in our blog, we dive into the broad topic of lying, especially the implications of dishonesty from a leadership standpoint.We have lots of content in here for those interested in digging deep into the topic, so happy scrolling!Hope you enjoy the read and have a wonderful weekend!Andrew WeaverCTO Academy
[email protected]  4 Ways Lying Becomes the Norm at a Company Have you ever been in situation where you simply choose to ignore a blatant lie because you just know that there is no good that can come out of calling that person out on their lie as it would only breed more resentment and hatred, and in turn bring forth more lies? This interesting article published by the Harvard Business Review, explains the ways in which those at the top can normalize certain lies and how that could even lead to major corporate scandals. When Leaders Lie  – Bad Things HappenLeaders, may they be political or corporate, have been lying to their followers/subordinates for aeons. “Whenever a statement opens with the words “trust me” or “honestly” alarm bells should go off in your head.”Read more about the sad reality of what follows the “trust me” claim every time it is uttered by leaders from around the world.  
Book the week If you’d like to delve further into the topic of dishonesty and see how it will affect your career and day-to-day life, have a read at this amazing book written by Dan Ariely, a professor of cognitive science at Duke University.  The Honest Truth About Dishonesty
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 Quote of the week  “If we are true to ourselves, we can not be false to anyone.”
– Shakespeare