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What Has 2020 Taught Us About Building Resilience In Teams?

2020: I don’t think anyone will say that was quite the year they expected during December 2019. I live in New Zealand so I specifically remember sitting outside on my lawn with the family, in the sun, talking about all we’d achieve over the course of a year.

Positive Psychology VS Toxic Positivity

People have always been wondering what happiness is. Is it fulfilling your dreams and goals? Is it being free to decide for yourself? Is it the constant emotion of cheerfulness and perkiness? According to the Oxford dictionary, happiness is: a) The state of feeling or showing pleasure b) The state of being satisfied that something […]

11 Steps To Make 1-2-1’s More Effective

‘We have two ears and one mouth,so that we can listen twice as much as we speak’ – Epictetus One consistent question that emerges during our coaching sessions with tech leaders from around the world, “How can I be more effective when conducting 1:1´s with my team?” Elizabeth Grace Saunders, author of How to Invest Your […]

Movember, Men’s Health & Man Management

As another Movember draws to a close, what steps are you taking to ensure your team have the mental health support they need?

10 Black Friday (& Cyber Monday) Tips For The CTO

If you are involved in online retail whether B2C or B2B then there are certain times of the year when your systems are pushed to their limit. A few years ago, I was involved in an e-commerce outfit that had about 10k live SKUs and the main times in the year for promotion where Black […]

Meet The Team : Dave Jones

Dave brings extensive experience in CTO/CIO roles to the CTO Academy coaching team which includes leading Engineering departments of over 150 staff through periods of extensive growth and change. He’s also been responsible for SaaS products operating at massive scale and led the delivery of multiple platform re-architecture projects and major technology integrations. Here he […]

Webinar: The Future of Work & Tech Leadership

This Weds (11th November 2020) we launch the first of what we hope will be a series of live webinar interviews looking at Next Generation Enterprise and more specifically, what will the future of work look like for technology leaders around the world. Next Generation Enterprise As tech leaders and managers we are accustomed to […]

Think Twice, Before Re-Inventing The Tech Wheel

Here is a scenario familiar to many us, from engineer to CTO. A shiny new and exciting concept has emerged. Might be a new idea for your startup, an internal application for your company or a new customer offer. What’s the first thought that whizzes across your mind … well, it used to whizz across […]

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