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The Chief Information Officer – What’s the difference?

The modern and effective CIO needs to build a broad range of management and softer skills that go way beyond ... Read more

Toxic Jobs, Time To Say Go

Toxic cultures are tough to change. Focus your energy instead on what really matters to you, then plan your escape.

Leadership Skills Training for Tech Leaders

Leadership doesn’t always come naturally to everyone, particularly for those people with a technical background. But picking up leadership skills ... Read more
Workplace Diversity through Recruitment

Diversity = Profitability = Sorting Your Recruitment Strategy

Despite some progress, lack of diversity in tech recruitment remains an issue. Here in the UK, the number of women ... Read more
CTO Academy has closed a seed funding round that will drive the growth of their management skills training and mentoring platform for ambitious and aspiring CTOs. CTO Academy Close Seed Funding Round

CTO Academy Close Seed Funding Round

We are delighted to announce that CTO Academy have just closed a seed funding round. What does this mean?  Well, ... Read more
cto salary uk

What is the Average CTO Salary in the UK?

The very best tech leaders are certainly in demand lately, but what is the median CTO salary in UK and ... Read more
Business Analyst - CTO Academy

From Business Analyst to Tech Leader

Business analysts are responsible for bridging the gap between IT and the business using data analytics.
Man Thinking at Laptop - CTO Academy

8 Reasons Why Refresher Training Is A Good Idea

Knowledge fades over time. Our brains are very efficient at dumping information we don’t need, and the best way we ... Read more

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