What a CTO needs from their scrum master …

Scrum Master Training

In my technology career, the movement from Waterfall (which should never have been adopted and is in the original paper as not being suitable for most software development) to Agile development of either Kanban or Scrum are the main processes adopted. Bags of time and effort has been spent on which method is better. It … Read more

The Established CTO

You might think the established CTO wouldn’t need any support but the truth is that operating at a very senior level making key and business critical decisions on a regular basis can be extremely challenging and isolating.

CTO Academy Close Seed Funding Round

CTO Academy has closed a seed funding round that will drive the growth of their management skills training and mentoring platform for ambitious and aspiring CTOs. CTO Academy Close Seed Funding Round

We are delighted to announce that CTO Academy have just closed a seed funding round.

What does this mean?  Well, it’s all guns blazing as we roll out an exciting and expansive range of products, courses and support to our growing global tribe of developers, scrum masters, team leaders, CTOs and CIOs.

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What does a CTO actually do?

What Does a CTO Do? - CTO Academy

A Day In The Life Of A Chief Technology Officer Let’s start with the obvious.  There is no typical day for a Chief Technology Officer, just as there is no typical role for a Chief Technology Officer. So we’ve focused this article around some of the daily issues that can typically emerge in this key … Read more

Importance of Management Skills to CTO Training

What should a CTO management training course look like?

What management skills do you require to become a high value CTO?

With most c-suite roles, progression through the ranks involves a natural and ongoing development of skills that equip the ambitious to reach the top.

The CTO career path requires a more jagged turn as developers, focused primarily on technology, require a new set of management and softer skills to deal with the challenges at senior level.

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How did CTO Academy take shape?

How We Can Help - CTO Academy

They say the best business ideas come from personal experience of something not working well or an unmet need.

CTO Academy emerged from the direct experience of founder Jason Noble struggling through his career as a CTO to find the tech leadership support he wanted and needed.

Always lots of training for the technical, but little available for the more challenging transition into senior roles and acquiring the softer skills required to become an effective tech leader. 

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Welcome to CTO Academy

CTO Academy

One thing we know for sure with a new venture (having been around the block a few times), is you can have the idea, sketch out a model, design a website and prepare for launch … but you never truly know anything about your product until it starts to interact with the market.

And so, we are on the verge of lift off with CTO Academy, with all the excitement and uncertainty that a new product launch brings with it.

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