Meet The Team : Dave Jones

Dave brings extensive experience in CTO/CIO roles to the CTO Academy coaching team which includes leading Engineering departments of over 150 staff through periods of extensive growth and change. He’s also been responsible for SaaS products operating at massive scale and led the delivery of multiple platform re-architecture projects and major technology integrations. Here he … Read more

What is a Chief Technology Officer?

what is a cto

A Chief Technology Officer is a technical leadership role with many variables, business goals, corporate strategy, team members, technical vision, enterprise systems, and related tasks.  Without a doubt, a primary responsibility is delivering a technical strategy that is aligned to wider business goals.  The effective CTO is in high demand as companies of all sizes … Read more

CTO Academy : How we manage the CEO: CTO Dynamic

Inspiration for this article arrived via feedback from one of our mentees, who is grappling with what can best be described as a volcanic chief executive’. Most Sunday nights she will receive an email from the CEO delivering a barrage of expletive led criticisms of the senior management team. An extract below [expletives removed for … Read more

The Hard Skill about mastering The Soft Skills

For most of you … the hard skills are hard wired. Sure, digital trends, innovation, new tech arrives at a dizzying speed but the knowledge and curiosity to explore and understand the technical is a comfort zone and probably embedded in you since you were quite young. Get into a social scenario with a techie … Read more

Meet the Team : Sanjay Mistry

Sanjay is an experienced CTO and leadership coach based in the UK but working with tech leaders around the world, particularly those working within fast growth and SME companies. He is skilled at providing expert technical advice to customers and colleagues on software design and development and has led architecture and DevOps, driving knowledge sharing, skills … Read more

Meet the Team : Zoe Fragou

Zoe hails from Greece and is an Organizational Psychologist and Executive Level Leadership Coach. She works with companies to transform their organisational culture and help them build thriving teams that increase wellbeing as well as productivity. She also works with senior level decision makers from around the world, focusing particularly around the psychology and mindset … Read more

Meet The Team : Richard Weaver

Richard is a recruitment professional with 20+ years industry expertise having delivered large technology and business transformation programme teams. He is also a champion of candidate driven recruitment and is at the heart of developing our careers service linked to the wider professional growth programmes for CTO Academy members.

Meet The Team : Jason Noble

Tech entrepreneur with extensive board level IT innovation and computer science experience. Has been technical director of software businesses and managed large, complex enterprise projects with successful exits. His career has been defined driving innovation, strategic & operational planning, training, technical sales and software agile project management.

Meet The Team: Andrew Weaver, CEO and Co-Founder

Meet Andrew, our CEO. With 20+ years of executive level commercial experience in SME and early stage companies across multiple sectors inc. law, tech, travel, leisure and property. Andrew has particular expertise around strategy, sales, funding/finance, M&A, mindset. He’s also a Course leader/mentor at London based start up accelerator.