Newsletter #88 : EQ vs Dark Triad

Andrew Weaver
February 16, 2021

Leadership, Culture and Chaos

Wow is that the first month of 2021 already done?

Hopefully you’ve made some great steps towards accomplishing the plans you made for the year ahead but remember, we are here to help to support you with your professional growth and career development.

In the meantime, more leadership insight from CTO Academy’s “5 Minute Tech Break” as we provide you with an exploration into EQ vs. Dark Triad Leadership styles, Scaling Culture, Chaos Monkey and How To Leverage Being An Introvert.

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Have a great weekend.

Andrew Weaver

Are you an EQ Leader or from the Dark Triad school of leadership?

Our leading article this week came from the pen of resident Organisational Psychologist and Leadership coach, Zoe Fragou.

She explored what being an Emotionally Intelligent (EQ) leader actually means and research that suggests they’re not always better leaders when it comes to impact, particularly compared with the polar opposite leadership style of the Dark Triad Trio.

Find out more here

Articles catching our eye this week

Scaling Culture in Fast-Growing Companies … Many of you are at the helm of fast-growing companies and grappling with the rapid change and process demands needed to cope. This HBR article looks at hyper-growth companies where industries and firms grow at an explosive pace. 

Scrum vs Waterfall vs Agile vs Lean vs Kanban... There are a number of different approaches in the software development industry – some are new takes on old methods and others have adapted a relatively new approach. 

What is Chaos Monkey? Chaos Engineering Explained… Pioneered out of the halls of Netflix Chaos Monkey introduced an engineering principle that has been embraced by software development organisations of all shapes and sizes: namely, that by intentionally breaking systems you can learn to make them more resilient.

Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing – Tuckman’s Model of Group Development… Not new but still effective, the Tuckman model provides stages the facilitator can recognise and follow and then change their approach accordingly.  Helps ensure they are providing the right role for the group at the right time.

Video: How To Leverage Being An Introvert … Lots of us here are fans of Simon Sinek and this short video came up in conversation during the week so we thought we’d share it with this intro from Sinek … “Some of the greatest leaders you’ve never heard of are introverts. The one thing all great leaders have in common is an undying belief in their cause
The Future of Cybersecurity & Technology Leadership

A reminder that Rameshwar will be hosting the latest of our Next Generation Enterprise webinars on Wednesday 10th February 2021 and is joined by another stellar guest, Chakradhar Kommera the CEO of Ensurity, a cybersecurity engineering company. 

Before founding Ensurity, Chakradhar held senior management roles at several prestigious global institutions such as Credit Agricole, Barings, ABN Amro and Thames River Capital.

He also is a CFA from AIMR and has 22 years of experience in technology and finance with some fascinating insight about the future of cybersecurity and how it could affect your role as a technology leader.

Zoe Fragou, Organisational Psychologist, Leadership Coach

Zoe joined CTO Academy in November 2020 and has delivered an immediate impact for customers with her work on our coaching programmes and skills assessments, with science and data being added to the process and much more to come. 

In the meantime, she’s under the spotlight with this weeks Meet The Team bio. 

Humble Pi : A Comedy of Maths Errors

We love a good pun so this book appeals just for the title alone but also, the content lives up to the pun.

According to the publicity, “Humble Pi was the first ever maths book to be a No.1 bestseller as it explains why a bridge wobbles when it’s not meant to and billions of $$$ mysteriously vanish into thin air is all down to maths or to be precise, when maths goes wrong in the real world

”‘A fascinating and deeply surprising journey into the hilarious and sometimes tragic realms of mathematical error. Brilliant
– Tim Harford, author of The Undercover Economist and Messy

If you have waltzed through life without ever considering the daily consequences of fixed-length binary numbers, dividing by zero or rounding errors, strap in and prepare to be both horrified and fascinated
– Helen Czerski, author of Storm in a Teacup
Brendan Buchard : “Success has been figured out – It’s a mindset game”

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