WFH, LFH and the E-learning Revolution


Alongside the established heavyweight acronyms of LOL, GWS and GSOH arrives the definitive acronym of our time. Prior to Covid-19, WFH occupied a niche space in the acronym world … World Federation of Healing Wartime Flying Hours Wages For Housework Weep For Humanity (which might be pushing hard for top dog WFH status) … but … Read more

Why Leadership Coaching Matters To Me


“Coaching isn’t therapy – it’s product development with you as the product” I started my career as many of us did, messing around at home with a PC, Mac or phone (my youth pre-dates the smartphone!) trying to understand how the operating systems worked and whether they could be tweaked. I experimented with the technologies of … Read more

How to avoid burnout in your tech team (and in you)


Moving into a new company or new role with an established team can be a challenge. Amplify that challenge if you’re taking over from a popular predecessor. How do you start building trust and managing the star performer(s)? You’re inheriting a team, potentially hand picked and who’ve long since been through the forming, storming, norming, … Read more

Leadership Skills Training for Tech Leaders


Leadership doesn’t always come naturally to everyone, particularly for those people with a technical background. But picking up leadership skills is crucial if you’re going to have an impact at the senior level and with any significant management role.  Whether you have firm ambitions to take a senior tech role or you’ve almost fallen into … Read more

Ever been blackmailed by a developer?


OK, we’re not talking here about the criminal form of blackmail – though that would be an interesting story to hear about. What we’re talking about, is when a business becomes over reliant on one or two key developers and trouble ensues … If you’ve ever been a CTO or senior technical manager, then you … Read more