How Does CTO Academy Course Compare With The Berkeley CTO Program?

We speak with technology leaders and L&D teams around the world who are looking to build out their leadership capabilities and conducting research about the best learning and training options. Quite often we find ourselves being compared and contrasted with The Berkeley CTO Program so ...

We decided to look at the comparison ourselves, outlining key differences to make it easier to judge what will be the best option at this stage of your career.


Obviously we can't compete or compare with the prestige and longevity that Berkeley can offer - as an institution they've been in existence since 1868 ...

But on price, well it's a different story as they charge $29,000 (+ costs) for the CTO program whilst you can start learning with CTO Academy from just $199.

Also The Berkeley CTO program is designed for already experienced technology leaders looking to enhance their senior management skills with a deep dive into certain high level leadership topics.

Whereas CTO Academy cater to a much broader cross section of tech leader, from Group CTO down towards the Senior Software Engineer / Team lead roles.

The Berkeley course is primarily online, though you’re required to attend 15 days on campus which does bump up that cost again.

At CTO Academy we are 100% online and deliver a wider range of integrated products from Online Foundation Course to Group and Private Coaching, we also have a very active recruitment and careers arm. Our aim is to provide a more holistic approach to career development, whereas Berkeley are more focused on those senior level roles.

So it is a case of comparing chalk with cheese, and I'll let you decide which is which!!

The Berkeley Program (and others like them at Stanford etc.) are clearly of very high quality - in terms of the faculty and cohort. But they come with a price and a significant commitment.

CTO Academy thrive on flexibility, accessibility, community and cost.

CTO Academy

From $199

/per course

Management Skills Courses for Tech Leaders



  Technology Management

  HR for IT Professionals

  Finance and Funding


  Personal Development

  Start Ups and Fast Growth

  Mindset and Wellness

  Learn At Your Own Pace

Private & Group Coaching

 Global Coaching Network

Hand Picked Coaches

High Impact Sessions

 Peer2Peer Support

Monthly Group Sessions

Learning Best Practice


From $29,000

/per person

Executive Program for IT Professionals

 Data and the Organization

 AI and Machine Learning

 Transformation: Tech Infrastructure

 Managing People & Change  

 Tech Policy, Privacy and Security


 5 Month Course / 15 Days On Campus

Comparable CTO Training and Career Options

Whilst our focus is on building the managerial skills and career prospects of IT professionals, these are alternative avenues for tech training;

  • Pluralsight: High volume, online video courses focused on helping developers build their technical skills
  • MOOC (Massive Open Online Course): Linkedin Learning, Udemy, Coursera. Some management courses but limited coverage of tech management.
  • Localised Courses and Meet Ups: More localised networking, mentoring and support organisations.

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