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WFH, LFH and the E-learning Revolution

Alongside the established heavyweight acronyms of LOL, GWS and GSOH arrives the definitive acronym of our time. Prior to Covid-19, ... Read more

Professional Growth : Why It Pays To Be Intentional

What is Professional Growth? The definition of professional growth will be different things for different people but it certainly means ... Read more

The Hard Skill about mastering The Soft Skills

For most of you … the hard skills are hard wired. Sure, digital trends, innovation, new tech arrives at a ... Read more
Crisis Leadership

Crisis Leadership : Keep Calm, But Don’t Carry On As Normal

“May you live in interesting times” is an English expression claimed to be a translation of a traditional Chinese Curse. ... Read more
operational planning

Operational Planning vs Strategic Planning: Who does what?

A common question we encounter here at CTO Academy …   ‘What are the duties and responsibilities of a tech leader ... Read more

Scrum Masters & Tech Leadership

We work with ambitious scrum masters from around the world and they generally have some great skills in place to ... Read more


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