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We don't just talk tech leadership, we explore the mindset of leadership, the future of leadership and occasional bits of news about us ...
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Deep Listening and Adopting a Zulu Principle

To be an effective leader you need to acquire the skill of deep listening. Here is a Zulu principle that […]
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How Does CTO Academy Compare With The Berkeley CTO Program?

Why would you choose a CTO Program? Historically and still commonly mistaken as a purely technical role, the chief technology […]
Improving Cybersecurity

Improving the Cybersecurity of your Company: The Complete Guide

There is no doubt that cybersecurity in companies is more important than ever. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts cybercrime will cost the […]
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9 Tips on The Bottleneck of Code Reviews

I had experienced efficient code review practices before, so the question led me to articulate what had worked in the […]
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The CTO and The MBA … a history of coming together!

Whilst a traditional MBA was historically of little interest to the CTO that has changed as the world becomes ever […]
self leadership

Tech Leadership, In So Many Words … #2 Self

Being a CTO is much easier (or at least less challenging) when working on something you love rather than a […]

Tech Leadership, In So Many Words ………… #1 Curiosity

What makes the difference in leaders? Curiosity stands out amongst a leading quality ...
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We Need To Talk About The CEO

What does a CTO need from the CEO? What does a CTO think the CEO needs from them?

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