The Global CTO Survey – Can You Help?

Andrew Weaver
October 14, 2022

Our friends at STX Next have launched the research phase of their annual Global CTO Survey for 2023 – an initiative that researches the choices, challenges, and winning strategies among CTOs worldwide.

Hundreds of CTOs each year share how they’re approaching hiring, managing and training people, choosing their tech stack, taking care of security, tackling rising trends—and much more.

It’s always a fascinating read with 500+ CTOs taking part in their 2022 survey so as they grow this initiative each year expect that number to rise.

If you’re a CTO they’d love to get your opinion into the mix.

You can fill out the survey here:

Once the survey is released you’ll get a copy of the report packed with insight about the world of being a CTO.

It’s a great initiative and CTO Academy are delighted to again be partnering with the STX Next Team.  

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