Tech Leadership, In So Many Words … #10 Delegation

Andrew Weaver
March 17, 2023


We know we need to do it
We recognise the benefits of successfully achieving it
But many of us (author included) still find it challenging to manage it.
Particularly when new into a leadership and managerial role.

The reasons why?


Take your pick but don’t take your time because the longer you fail to delegate the more likely you will burn out yourself and, burn off your team.

Studies suggest the most common excuses (aka roadblocks) to delegation are …

1. I will do a better job than anyone else
2. It’s easier if I just do it myself
3. I need to prove that I can do it
4. I like doing these tasks

What are the tell tale signs?

You may not spot them but the rest of us do …

  • You’re hoarding work
  • Resisting delegation
  • Working long hours
  • Feeling indispensable
  • Subordinates aren’t energized or taking ownership
  • They’ve moved to watching the clock (or looking for jobs)
  • And of course … no-one cares about the company as much as you do 

It’s time to trust.
It’s time to release.
It’s time to delegate.

Because the value add that your organisation is paying you for
Does not exist in the weeds.

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