CTO Academy Launches Scholarship Programme in Partnership with Women Who Code

Andrew Weaver
April 18, 2023

September 2022

CTO Academy is on a mission to empower global technology leaders by helping them combine their technical capabilities with high impact leadership skills.

Embedded within this mission is a commitment to support greater diversity and balance within senior technology leadership teams.

Women Who Code is an international nonprofit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. WWCode is building a world where diverse women and historically excluded people thrive at every level.

So it was a natural fit for collaboration that saw the recent launch of the CTO Academy Scholarship Program with a limited number of places each year being made available on CTO Academy’s executive leadership course The Digital MBA for Technology Leaders to WWCode members identified as having the potential to make a real impact in senior leadership roles.

The program was formally launched in June 2022 with the award of two scholarships to Bianca Glasner, Head of Engineering at Findologic in Austria and Tina Hang, Senior Software Engineer at Parent Square in California.

Bianca commented:

“I was looking for a course to further improve my Leadership skills and position myself as a Technology Leader. When I saw the collaboration between WWCode and CTO Academy I was excited to apply as I saw the Digital MBA curriculum was definitely a good fit for me.

I am really enjoying the course and see real benefits to learn more about Leadership, developing a product and making the right technology decisions.

I know I’m going to get a lot out of the course not only for me but also for my team”

Alaina Percival, CEO and Co-Founder of Women Who Code said:
“Providing paths to technical education for diverse women is one of the core ways that Women Who Code works towards our mission to empower diverse women in technology careers. We’re proud to be partnering with CTO Academy to provide these valuable scholarship opportunities to our members.”

Andrew Weaver, CEO at CTO Academy further added:
“CTO Academy is focused making technology leadership training both accessible and practical so we’re excited to be working with Women Who Code and helping talented tech leaders like Bianca and Tina accelerate their career and the impact they can make within for their organisations”

You can find out more about CTO Academy and our leadership courses here.

For more about Women Who Code and their mission visit here

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