“The Digital MBA for Technology Leaders” Receives Professional Development Certification

Nati Welner
June 6, 2023

The Digital MBA for Technology Leaders is an executive leadership course delivered by CTO Academy for technology leaders around the world.

We are pleased to announce that the course has now been formally recognized and certified by the Continuing Professional Development Certification Service (CPDUK) as “conforming to continuing professional development principles”, recognizing both the high standard of professional training and exceptional value being delivered by this course to technology leaders seeking to advance their careers.

This course is a comprehensive program designed to provide technology leaders with the critical business skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s digital economy. It covers a range of topics, including leadership, team building, strategic planning, personal development, information management, digital trends and many more all tailored specifically to the needs of technical leaders.

Since the course was launched in January 2022 hundreds of tech leaders have signed up with >4,000 lecture ratings subsequently posted at an average of 4.8*

We are thrilled to receive this certification from the CPDUK,” said Andrew Weaver, CEO of CTO Academy. “Our mission is to deliver practical and accessible insight to ambitious technologists wanting to bridge any skills gaps they have between the technology and the business. This recognition is testament to the quality of our program and the impact it’s having on the careers of our global participants“.

CPDUK certification is widely recognized as a mark of excellence in the field of professional development. It assures learners that the course they are taking meets rigorous standards for quality and relevance, and that they will receive recognized credits for their participation.

The Digital MBA for Technology Leaders is available online and is a blended learning experience that combines high impact micro lectures with live debate sessions and a global community of peers.

At the conclusion of this course participants receive a certificate of completion with CPDUK accreditation that can be used to earn continuing professional development (CPD) credits.

We know from the personal feedback received, the reviews being posted and our growing number of graduates that this course is a game-changer for the professional development of technical professionals and the impact it’s having for the individuals taking the course, and the organisations they work for” added Jason Noble, CTO of CTO Academy. “Certification from CPDUK just reinforces the benefits of joining CTO Academy with our commitment to providing high quality, high impact and practical leadership support for participants to achieve their goals.

Find out more by visiting The Digital MBA for Technology Leaders and check out the reviews being added by recent graduates.

CTO Academy is so much more ….

CTO Academy is a leading provider of professional development and leadership courses for technical professionals.

We help technologists to bridge any skills gap between the technology and the business but also to provide them with the support, insight and best practice as they negotiate ever changing demands on their role.

Because our wider mission is to provide a professional growth ecosystem that helps them achieve the career impact they want, and the strategic competitive advantage their organisations need.

Andrew Weaver

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