CTO Academy Close Seed Funding Round

CTO Academy has closed a seed funding round that will drive the growth of their management skills training and mentoring platform for ambitious and aspiring CTOs. CTO Academy Close Seed Funding Round

We are delighted to announce that CTO Academy have just closed a seed funding round.

What does this mean?  Well, it’s all guns blazing as we roll out an exciting and expansive range of products, courses and support to our growing global tribe of developers, scrum masters, team leaders, CTOs and CIOs.

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What is an Accidental CTO?

Business Startup Diagram - CTO Academy

An Accidental CTO is someone typically working within an early stage, fast growth company and who has arrived in the senior tech role way ahead of schedule. They face a unique set of leadership challenges.

Are you an Accidental CTO?

Are you an Accidental CTO?

Someone who almost fell into the role ahead of schedule and/or without much preparation?

This article looks at what we define as an ‘Accidental CTO’ and some of the significant managerial challenges they face when grappling with a fast growth environment

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How to become a CTO?

how to become cto

For most C-suite roles there is generally a linear relationship between the skills they develop through their career and the skills required at an executive level.  The CMO has been on various marketing courses, the CFO has been mastering a balance sheet for years and the sales director comes from the school of hard cold … Read more